Today In Shockoe

The Shockoe Small Area Plan

The Department of Planning and Development Review is working with the Shockoe Alliance to create a Small Area Plan for the Shockoe Area. This plan will be the next-step in the implementation of the adopted Pulse Corridor Plan, which focused on future development along the Pulse Corridor including surrounding Main Street Station. The intent is to knit together the policies and guidance embedded in the Pulse Plan, the ULI Rose Fellowship work, the Richmond 300 Master Plan, past studies and other work in progress to form a unified approach to revitalization and development.


A summary of the first community meeting is available. Check it out here.

What are the origins of the Small Area Plan?

When beginning work on the Small Area Plan, city partner Urban Land Institute of Virginia started by comparing four existent area plans:

  • The Lumpkin’s Slave Jail Site/Devil’s Half Acre Project

  • The Pulse Corridor Plan

  • A Community Proposal for the Shockoe Bottom Memorial Park

  • The Shockoe Economic Revitalization Strategy

A comparison of the four plans revealed the similarities between the projects. From there, the planners began to evaluate a path forward.

What’s the relationship between the Plan and the Alliance?

The Shockoe Small Area Plan is a planning project housed under the City of Richmond Department of Planning and Development. It is separate from the ultimate goal of the Shockoe Alliance, but the work of the Alliance will be beneficial to city planners in their quest to reflect the needs and goals of the community.

What does the progress look like so far?

The slideshow below illustrates the project and plan reconciliation process, mapped out to illustrate areas of agreement.

  • Baseline Agreement Areas Map

    This map illustrates the consensus between the land-use maps when layered. It is a literal, nuts-and-bolts view of where planners across all four projects agree.

  • Interpreted Agreement Areas Map

    This map shows the consensus between all of the plan narratives when they are analyzed for intent. That is, when the team at ULI VA looked at the plans’ purpose and goals, these were the broad areas of agreement.

  • Complete Composite Map

    This map is a visual representative of the first two, along with added context of the current Richmond landscape.